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Kennel Nicktime Cairn Terrier - News 2010
Puppies born 24.11.2010

codlinkids 24.11.2010B-litter is born 24th. of November 2010:

Nicktime Balboa - red male with black ears,
Nicktime Bataia - red bitch with black ears,
Nicktime Bahamas - wheaten bitch with black ears,
Nicktime Barbados - wheaten bitch with black ears.

Puppies are 2½ day old in this picture.

Check out "Puppies", where new photoes will be uploaded.


07.11.2010 - DKK International - judge Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, BE.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin 3. winner open class.
Sensei's Charlie's Angles 1. winner champion class, best bitch and BEST OF BREED Smile


What an ending of a show weekend, but we thought we'd better stay for ring of honour and the group competition.

diva bigAnd what happen then ?

Sensei's Charlie's Angles is short listed between 4 dogs.

Airedale, Jack Russell, Staffordshire Bull and Diva.

4. place goes to Airedale.
3. place goes to Jack Russell.

Deep breath.

Diva and Staffordshire Bull are send around the ring, and then


Unfortunately my achilles got damaged in the joy and happiness over the placement and therefor the picture with the judge is not good quality. My luck was that Michael did take a picture of Diva and I before my misfortune. 

Thank you goes to JUNIOR HANDLER FOR THE YEAR 2010 Katrine, who showed Diva during the BIS finals.

Pfoto: Michael Andreasen, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

International show in Herning - CAIRN TERRIER OF THE YEAR 2010.

06.11.2020 - DKK International - judge Martha Heine, DE.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin 2. winner open class and 4. best dog Smile

Sensei's Charlie's Angles 1. winner champion class and 2. best bitch.

Saturday evening we counted the points in details, and found that out that Diva was now 


2 shows with breeder judges

18.09.2010 - DTK - Elaine Short, UK:

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin is now 2 years old and therefor entered in open class, where he got Excellent.
Sensei's Charlie's Angles winner of champion class and ends as best bitch, while her litter brother, Sensei's Platoon, take best of breed.


Pfoto by: Niels Borg-Østerlin.

19.09.2010 - DKK - Satu Stenroos, FI.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin 3. winner open class.
Sensei's Charlie's Angles 2. winner champion class and 3. best bitch on the day.

World Dog Show 2010

World Dog Show in Herning 25.06.2010:
Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin aka Codlin was entered in intermedia class and was placed as no. 4.
Sensei's Charlie's Angles aka Diva was entered in champion class and was placed as no. 4.

Cairn Terrier Specialty in Bording 26.06.2010:
Codlin is again placed as no. 4 in intermedia class.
Diva is winning champion class and ends as 4. best bitch on the day.

For the first time Kennel Sensei's had entered a breeders class with Wvw10 Sensei's Sweet Dublin and his 2 kids from the same litter; Dkch Sensei's Platoon og Dkch Klbch Lvch Noch Intch Sensei's Charlie's Angles.

kennelSenseis opdrætsklasse

DTK udstilling 27.06.2010:
Our dogs "step it up a bit" and get higher placements:
Codlin no. 3 in intermedia class.
Diva is winning champion class again and ends as 2. best bitch on the day. Here some videos:

Some hectic days are over and unfortunately it's time to say goodbye and see you again to some very nice people from all over the world. I was fortune to be able to put faces to many names and I am looking forward to the next meeting.

My lovely grand kids

In connection with the world show I had the great pleasure to see some of the "grand kids":

From Russia I had been looking very much forward to see Multichampion Zalazar Yahoo's son, Ruch Alekta Prima Viking.


and from Finland Dkch Tam O'Shanter's In The Nick Of Time's daughter from Finland, Fich Zalazar Hard to Get aka Thyra.

It came as a big surprise to me to realize she is already 7 years old as in my eyes she looks much younger. I owe a THANK YOU to Susíe, who let me show Thyra Sunday.







BIS 3 in Russia

Big congratulations to Ekaterina and Alekta Prima Viking, who was BIS 3 in Russia.


BIG 3 for Viking at an International show in Russia

viking, cairn terrier, russia


Alekta Prima Viking winning BIG 3 in Russia.

Viking is Ringo's son and to me he looks like a beautiful mix of father and grandfather in this picture.

Thank you Ekaterina and see you soon :-)

4th. best male and BOB in Kristiansand, Norway

This time the trip went to Norway, where there was a International show in Kristiansand. Judge was Birgita Kremser, Slovenia. At the show ground Dorte Jensen, Kennel Sweet Beauty, and I did meet some familiar faces and got to know some new people. There was a very good atmosphere alongside the show ring during the whole show.

I had brought Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin along. He won his class and was placed as 4th. best male.

Sensei's Charlie's Angles was entered in open class, where there was 11 bitches entered. Beside winning open class Diva was first best bitch and then BEST OF BREED. By winning both the CC and the Cacib her titles are now; Danish Champion, Clubchampion, Letvian Champion, Norwegian Champion og International Champion :-)

sensei's charlie's angles bob kristiansand norge 2010

2 x BOS in May


1.5.2010 - DTK judge Ligita Zake, Letland:

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin: BOS and CC

Sensei's Charlie's Angles 2. best bitch

Thanks to Lotte og Søren Thomsen for their permission to use this picture.

bir sensei's charlie's angles

2.5.2010 - DKK International, judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland:

Sensei's Charlie's Angles:
BOS, Cacib and qualified for Crufts 2011.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin:
Intermedia class winner with Excellent.

Thanks to Niels Borg-Østerlin for pictures from the shows.


The website is now updated with a photo gallery of Codlin from Crufts 2010.

2 x class winner and 2 x BOS

 Diva BIM hårlev
20.03.2010 - DTK, judge Shirley Watson, UK:

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin is winning "intermedia class". Dkch Lvch Sensei's Charlie's Angles is winning champion class and also her last club CC, which makes her club champion.

In the picture:
BOB and BIS Dkch Mc Alister's East Street Boy, judge Shirley Watson and
BOS Dkch Lvch Klbch Sensei's Charlie's Angles.

Diva BIM søndag i Hårlev

21.03.2010 - DTK, judge Jack Watson, UK:

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin is winning "intermedia class" again and is placed as 3th. best male. Dkch Lvch Klbch Sensei's Charlie's Angles is also winning champion class again.

In the picture:
BOB Dkch Mc Alister's East Street Boy, judge Jack Watson and
BOS Dkch Lvch Klbch Sensei's Charlie's Angles.

Thanks to Niels Borg-Østerlin for these pictures.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin in the ring Saturday:

Crufts - RBCC

Dorte Jensen, Kennel Sweet Beauty, and I wanted to go to Crufts and show Dkch Lvch Sensei's Charlie's Angles aka Diva and her son, Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin aka Codlin. The judge was Sue Dolan, UK.

Codlin was entered in "Yearling dog", where 12 dogs was entered. Codlin was still in the ring after the judge's first "goodbye", but wasn't placed. Codlin was enjoying the ring that much the speed got a little too fast, but I still think he showed nicely.

Diva was only allowed into "Open bitch", where 15 bitches was entered. Diva is winning the class and she is very "on her toes" all the time. As you can see in the picture the very pretty bitch, Honeyhall Hide N Seek, from Ian Show was no. 2 in the class. 



Now we are competing for BCC and RBCC ! The class winning bitches are lined up with Diva as first and they are all send around the ring after which a bitch down the line is placed as 2nd. behind Diva, which made us think we got the BCC and the bitch behind was winning the RBCC, but this wasn't the case.

Instead the judge is looking very long time at the bitch behind Diva and down the line. After what to me felt like forever the judge goes down the line and award the BCC down the line and then again a very long time is passing before Diva is awarded the RBCC.

Beeing placed in the spot where the DCC was given and not getting the BCC was at the moment disappointing, but after a while and some thinking it over again, we agree that even though we of course "wanted" the BCC we had to be proud of being awarded the RBCC at Crufts. 
The judge wrote about Diva: 

"1st. Jensen’s DK/LV CH Sensei’s Charlie’s Angles, very pretty wheaten of correct size for the breed standard. She demanded attention. Lovely head with a correct mouth, neck and shoulders, dead level topline, good tailset. An excellent mover with true front movement and plenty of drive from the rear.  Never stopped showing. Reserve Bitch C.C."




First shows in 2010

cairn codlin
The year 2010 began with a very good weekend as Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin first at DKK International under judge Rainer Vuorinen from Finland and then at DTK under judge Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia wins the junior class.

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin's mother, Dkch Lvch Sensei's Charlie's Angles, ends this weekend by winning BEST OF BREED.

Here is a picture from the show Sunday.


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