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World Dog Show 2010

World Dog Show in Herning 25.06.2010:
Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin aka Codlin was entered in intermedia class and was placed as no. 4.
Sensei's Charlie's Angles aka Diva was entered in champion class and was placed as no. 4.

Cairn Terrier Specialty in Bording 26.06.2010:
Codlin is again placed as no. 4 in intermedia class.
Diva is winning champion class and ends as 4. best bitch on the day.

For the first time Kennel Sensei's had entered a breeders class with Wvw10 Sensei's Sweet Dublin and his 2 kids from the same litter; Dkch Sensei's Platoon og Dkch Klbch Lvch Noch Intch Sensei's Charlie's Angles.

kennelSenseis opdrætsklasse

DTK udstilling 27.06.2010:
Our dogs "step it up a bit" and get higher placements:
Codlin no. 3 in intermedia class.
Diva is winning champion class again and ends as 2. best bitch on the day. Here some videos:

Some hectic days are over and unfortunately it's time to say goodbye and see you again to some very nice people from all over the world. I was fortune to be able to put faces to many names and I am looking forward to the next meeting.

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