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Puppies october 2014

Codlin2016 - KopiAsta headshot

Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin (Codlin) and Asta (Bella) got a new title as parents when 6 puppies, 1 bitch and 5 males, were born on October, 10, 2014.

A fictive pedigree can be seen below, and inbreedingcoefficienten is 0% on 3 generations. 

intch dkch lvch devdhch luch dech sech
Sweet Beauty Keswich Codlin

dkch fich devdhch gich intch ltch lvch lvch06 luch eech baltch usch ptch sich
Zalazar Yahoo

Tam O'Shanter's In The Nick Of Time

intch nordch ww96 euw97 kbhv96-97
Rasken's Red Ranger

Tam O'shanter's Chipper Lassie
Zalazar Special Edition usch Fettercairn Joachim
dkch klbch Cairndy Kringle
cairn of the year 2010
cairn bitch of the year 2009
dkch lvch klbch noch intch dkv10 kbhv11 dkv12 dkvv12 dkvv13 nordvv12 
Sensei's Charlie's Angles
cairn of the year 2005 2006
dkch kbhv05 dkkv05 06 wvw10
Sensei's Sweet Dublin
sech dkch Vanajam Bon Voyage
Tupaia Tana Von Der Eidertalwiese
Sensei's Beratta dkch Sensei's Voldsomme Viking
Tupaia Tana Von Der Eidertalwiese

dkch sech

Limecastle's Dirty Harry cairn of the year 2007 2008 2009
dkch dkkv07 08 09 nordv08
Sensei's Platoon

cairn of the year 05 06 dkch wvw10 kbhv05 dkkv05 06 Sensei's Sweet Dublin
Sensei's Beratta
Limecastle's Bubblegum dech Rasken's Royal Tailor Made

chch Trumpington's Nevis

Cashi's Kamma Of Mokke Sensei's Mercedes dkch Sensei's Voldsomme Viking
Sensei's Olivia Newton John
Cashi's Mokke Of Olga cairn of the year 2000 dkch eech intch plch euwoo kbhv klbch Zalazar Jackpot
Sensei's Overdådige Olga

All the puppies have gone to new homes and I do not expect another litter before 2016 at the earliest.

We are now 8 weeks old and can - according to the law - move to our new homes, but our butler say it will do us good to learn more doggy behavior from our mom, so we agreed to stay together for Christmas.

We love being brushed and getting our ears groomed was fairly ok.

Nicktime Casablanca:

Nicktime Calgary:

Nicktime Cincinatti:

Nicktime Chicago:

Nicktime Castellon:

Nicktime Corcubion:

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and Sus had promised to help with pictures again. We were sure it would be much easier this time, but we were so wrong. The puppies did not want to have their pictures taken, which can be seen.

Nicktime Casablanca:

Nicktime Calgary:

Nicktime Cincinatti:

Nicktime Chicago:

Nicktime Castellon:

Nicktime Corcubion:

Around 4½ weeks old and we had to try to stand on the table. Not the easiest, which can be seen in the pictures, but we will keep up the practice, and hopefully improve our skills.

Nicktime Casablanca:

Nicktime Calgary:

Nicktime Cincinatti:

Nicktime Chicago:

Nicktime Castellon:

Nicktime Corcubion:

We are now 4 weeks old and names are selected. The bitch is Nicktime Casablanca and her brothers will be Nicktime Cincinatti, Nicktime Calgary, Nicktime Chicago, Nicktime Corcubion og Nicktime Castellon, but who's got what name is not final yet.




3 weeks old - today me and my brother are 3 weeks old. We had our first dinner today, and somebody said something about improving table manners?  Ok with a little help we all got our picture taken



2 weeks ole - eating, sleeping and enjoying life.
2 ugerA2 ugerB

2 ugerC
2 ugerD

19.10.2014 - 9 days old.
141019 - 9 dage gamle141019 - 9 dage gamleA

16.10.2014 - almost 1 week old.
141016 motherandkids

141016 wheatenhead

141016 headred

11.10.2014 - less than a day old.

10.10.2014 - Bella gave birth to 5 males and 1 bitch in 1½ hour. Weights 190, 198, 202, 204, 215 and 230 gram (the bitch).
141010 newborn

Bella 1 week to go.
Bella 1 week before



Bella 2 weeks to go.
Bella 2 week before


Weights 190, 198, 202, 204, 215 and 230 gram (the bitch).

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